Lechee Relational Workshops

FAME was invited by Emerson & Mil from Lechee Church of the Nazarene to do a Workshop on Building Strong, Godly, Healthy Relationships.

FAME was represented by Bradley & Judi. There were over 10 people in attendance. The workshops were very personal and Bradley & Judi were able to share on topics of effective communication and the 5 Love Languages. The hosts were very welcoming to our organization and it was great to see smiles as well as expressions of thinking during the course of the teachings. As it is continuing to be a custom, Bradley & Judi were able to share a meal with those attendees and discuss any follow up questions from the teaching.

Lechee Pic 1.jpg

Indian Bible College

FAME President Bradley Andrews filled in for Indian Bible College (IBC) President Jason Koppen's Christian Family Class.

IBC is located in Flagstaff, AZ. Bradley taught the evening class of 10 students on the topics of Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages and Conflict Resolution Techniques that can be used in families. The evening was full of great discussion and practice of the techniques as well as self-reflection on what was being learned.