Letter from the President


Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. FAME  was able to continue to do several workshops across the reservations in this past 2017 year in the form of teaching a marriage seminar in Dilkon, communication seminar in Lechee, and even teaching in the college setting at Indian Bible College to name a few of the events we conducted. I remember at one of the teachings hearing an encouraging word from one of elders sharing that more teachings like these need to occur. 

 In addition to the teachings,  my wife and I were able to continue to grow in our family by welcoming Fievel Andrews into the world on September  29, 2017. We are now a family of four. 

It has been a year of blessings and growth, but also of refocus.

It is this refocus that I wish to share briefly on. FAME’s purpose to build strong, godly, healthy marriages and families in native communities has not changed, but how we go about doing it will be beginning to change. We will continue to do the occasional teaching. However, our focus is changing from mainly teachings to trainings. This refocus has come after hearing the need of training lay counselors in the native christian churches to help partner alongside hurting families and marriages. This is going to take form in 2018 by FAME teams going out to different locations on the reservations to talk with small groups of leaders in order to gauge the lay counseling skills that already exist and what areas that FAME can help to improve through trainings. This year is  mainly going to be a year of gathering information to build a strong foundation for the years to come. We are excited for this new chapter in FAME’s story and we are glad that you have chosen to partner with us in this story. Keep on the lookout for opportunities to partner with us in the near future. Thank you.


            Bradley Andrews 

                                President of FAME

FAME Board of Directors Meeting

We are gearing up for the 2017 Fall season.

There are some exciting things that are going to be occurring at FAME. Several of the highlights that will be coming soon are a teaching series being launched online, FAME Network database, as well as our FAME Online Fundraiser that will occur on Giving Tuesdays (10/28/17). There are ways that a volunteer can get plugged in so stay tuned. As we meet tonight as a Board of Directors, please keep us in prayer as we continue to move the pieces into place. Thank you all for your support so far and truly being part of the FAME family. 

2017 Women's Day - Leupp, AZ

My daughter, Bethany, and I had the privilege of repreSenting FAME & participating in the Leupp Women's Day on May 13th at Leupp Church of the Nazarene on the Navajo Reservation.

Bethany led us in worship with her beautiful voice and guitar. Our friend & a pastor's wife from Round Cedar, Jodi, also beautifully blessed us with her talents by leading us in some worship songs in the Navajo language. Sausha,  one of my fellow sister nurses and pastor's wife from Dilkon, instructed & positively challenged us in women's health in a very practical and informative way. Sista, a master's  prepared social worker from one of our local churches, shared her studies and work in the Grief Recovery Method. I had the privilege to share and engage the women in discovering their Love Language and following up with some ministry of grieving. Finally, Etta, another pastor's wife from Shonto, completed our teachings with wonderful words of great love & encouragement from the Lord !

We enjoyed breakfast and lunch together and had some fun games and lots of prizes!  The pastor's wife, Bertha, of the host Leupp Church did a fantastic job in orchestrating the day's events. There were about 40 women that were present at some point during the day. The fellowship, instruction, encouragement & fun that God gave us together was precious and memorable and helped to equip us even further for the work of His Kingdom!

- Eileen Andrews, FAME Speaker

Lechee Relational Workshops

FAME was invited by Emerson & Mil from Lechee Church of the Nazarene to do a Workshop on Building Strong, Godly, Healthy Relationships.

FAME was represented by Bradley & Judi. There were over 10 people in attendance. The workshops were very personal and Bradley & Judi were able to share on topics of effective communication and the 5 Love Languages. The hosts were very welcoming to our organization and it was great to see smiles as well as expressions of thinking during the course of the teachings. As it is continuing to be a custom, Bradley & Judi were able to share a meal with those attendees and discuss any follow up questions from the teaching.

Lechee Pic 1.jpg

Indian Bible College

FAME President Bradley Andrews filled in for Indian Bible College (IBC) President Jason Koppen's Christian Family Class.

IBC is located in Flagstaff, AZ. Bradley taught the evening class of 10 students on the topics of Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages and Conflict Resolution Techniques that can be used in families. The evening was full of great discussion and practice of the techniques as well as self-reflection on what was being learned. 

2017 Dilkon Marriage Treat

This year we celebrated the 2nd Annual Marriage Treat at Dilkon First Church of the Nazarene.

Our married pairs of Bradley & Judi Andrews and Mike & Eileen Andrews represented FAME and gave the teachings for the Marriage Treat. Judi was able to bless the couples with a photo booth shoot that allowed couples to have a memorable picture from the event. The teachings covered Conflict Resolution, Guarding Your Marriage, and Finances. There were just over 12 couples in attendance. It gave couples time to dialogue with each other and the FAME speakers, and to be poured into. After the teaching, all those in attendance were able to share a meal together, tell stories of how couples met, and build relationships. Bradley & Judi were able to spend the following day's Sunday Service with the host church Dilkon First Church of the Nazarene. It was during the service that Bradley was able to share what FAME is all about and what we are seeking to do ( to bring Preventive & Behavioral Health Services to native communities). It was a rejuvenating time for all those involved and a lot of teaching and resources through our booth were able to be distributed over the weekend.


Window Rock Recap

A delegation from the FAME BOD were able to attend the Post Navajo Christian Leadership Summit in Window Rock, AZ on September 26, 2016.

It was on this trip that our delegation was able to listen and meet with others who are doing behavioral health (Preventive & Therapeutic) ministries on the Navajo reservation. This event is sponsored by the Navajo Nation President and Vice President who are Christians, and there were over 35 Christian leaders from around the Navajo reservation. The post-leadership summit meeting dealt with other areas beside behavioral health, but the topic of needing Christian behavioral health ministries on their reservation was made evident. We were able to meet with several key counseling ministries and therapists and what spurred from that meeting after the summit was that an online network where therapists with native cultural knowledge background could be located would be a great tool. In addition, having training for Native Church Pastors and lay-leaders on the topic of grief was seen as a key point to build up strong marriages and families.

What you should know is that talking about the dead is a taboo in Navajo culture and often times many hold in their emotions and are not able to process the death of loved ones. A curriculum on grief was presented as a possible task for the FAME team to take on. Overall, the trip was a great networking opportunity and I'm thankful to God for the connections made.

- Bradley Andrews